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Calgary Couples Counselling and Relationship Therapy

Are you concerned about your relationship? Melody Evans can help you. Melody Specializes in couples counselling in Calgary, and provides practical solutions to everyday problems using the Gottman Method. Melody can adapt the teachings of the Gottman Method to your situation and offer you some clarity on what you're feeling, and how your relationship can improve.

Melody deals with serious relationship issues such as, infidelity, divorce, and separation. She also deals with a wide range of problems that can naturally occur in any relationship as it progresses, including conflict, communication, financial worries, co-parenting problems, extended family problems, as well as providing couples sex therapy.

Highly Effective Couples Counselling in Calgary

The Gottman Method aims to achieve greater understanding, connection, and intimacy in a relationship, and regardless of how good or bad your relationship is, the Method can teach couples how to achieve long term happiness.

Do You Need Couples Counselling ?

No relationship is perfect, and we have provided couples counselling to people at all stages of their relationship. Not sure if you should stay or go in a relationship? Why not try couples counselling, you may find the answer you are looking for, and if you don't you have lost nothing. Maybe you're struggling to cope with an affair? We know you're hurting, but there are solutions, and we understand that communicating your feelings to your partner directly can be difficult. We can help bridge this gap.

Individual Therapy, EMDR Trauma Therapy & Family Therapy

Of course, conflict does not always involve a couple. Conflict can be internal, and you can be feeling down about an aspect of your life, where you just can't seem to shift a lingering bad feeling. You might be finding it hard to understand why you feel this way, but we can help you understand. Individual counselling can help get your life back on track.

Individual trauma can also occur as a result of an injury, or as part of a common human experience. We deal with these issues through EMDR Trauma Therapy. Find out more below.

As well as this, we also provide family therapy that is focussed on improving communication and resolving conflict in the family unit. We will help you decide how many sessions are required based on your family's needs, but it is usually between 6-12.

Contact Melody for Couples Counselling in Calgary & Much More

Our full range of services are listed below. If you would like to inquire about couples counselling in Calgary or any of other services, feel free to get in touch for a quick chat. We are always happy to listen.
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