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Melody provides therapy to children and youth with the support and active involvement of the parents or support system. Methods include family therapy and EMDR therapy for kids.

What is EMDR for children and adolescents?

When children and youth experience overwhelming and painful events they can sometimes get through the event by talking about it with their family or therapist. Other times, due to the traumatic nature of the event, the problem gets stuck. It gets trapped in the human memory system when the hippocampus cannot do its job due to the body’s trauma response. This makes it difficult for the child to be able control unwanted symptoms and move on. Symptoms may be concerning such as; nightmares, depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, lying, and temper tantrums. EMDR helps children and young people in getting past these events and assists them and their family to put the painful events behind them. It also allows them to build new skills and strengthen old resources so that they can be their very best again.

Is it safe and effective?

EMDR is an effective evidenced based therapy and is recommended by the World Health Organization.

How does it work?

EMDR for children and youth uses the same 8 stage protocol that is used with adults but is adapted for children and adolescents. (See the EMDR therapy section of my website for more details about the EMDR protocol). Many other therapeutic modalities are incorporated with EMDR such as talk therapy, art therapy, sand tray work, drama therapy, play therapy and many more. The therapy is client centered and accesses the innate strengths of the child, their parents and support systems.

Melody Evans is a Registered Clinical Psychologist and a Certified EMDR therapist. Call her today to find out if EMDR is right for you and your child.

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